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J.A.G. x Elbo

High End Glass Blog

oh dear lord, I want everything on this blog ! X_X

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It makes me really sad that society has turned being gay into this horrible thing. It especially sucks because guys in high school never come out of the closet and the ones who do come out of the closet are so few they begin to feel alone and insecure with themselves because just like every other person they want someone to love or cuddle with but there is NO ONE. Like I’m ready for a boyfriend now but there are no gay guys in my area so I just feel like shit all the time because I’m single.

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most renowned episodes

These touch me deeply


My second tattoo!! Just because I LOVE Totoro *——-*
By Wagner at Maximus Art Tattoo (Vila Olimpia, SP - Brazil)

You’re my hero.


This is my awesome Holy Bender tattoo, done by ZK ( at New Wind Tattoo ( in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


that’s some sticky shit.

omfg can I get a hit o’ dat O.O

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No Doubt // Looking Hot

This is my favorite song off of their new album. Gwen is always so sublime.. How can someone like that actually exist?


princess bubblegum cosplaying katy perry because if anyone should have a cupcake bra, it’s her.

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