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dennnny answered your question: Okay, so I’ve decided to be a Las Vegas Prince Harry for Halloween

The british kind, crocs

I absolutely refuse to wear crocs.

I’ve worn them once in my life and never again.

I went to Aruba with my mom, and I forgot to bring flip flops. For some weird reason - perhaps because crocs are a tool of the devil, created to bring down society - my mom’s crocs fit me. I conceded to give em a chance, because I have heard they are comfortable.. but, no. Just no.

Simply horrendous.



I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVE the Gen 3 characters from Skins.

What are all these ads wit Franky looking all sexyfied&#8230;.
Anywhore, yeah I don&#8217;t quite care for for G3. Hoeever, I didn&#8217;t care for G2 until season 4, so I remain optimistic season 6 will make me fall in love with this gen :3
I feel like Season 5&#8217;s development went wayyy too fast. JS.


I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVE the Gen 3 characters from Skins.

What are all these ads wit Franky looking all sexyfied….

Anywhore, yeah I don’t quite care for for G3. Hoeever, I didn’t care for G2 until season 4, so I remain optimistic season 6 will make me fall in love with this gen :3


I feel like Season 5’s development went wayyy too fast. JS.

Some people just should grow facial hair.

Why don’t they get that?

Especially when they’re unable to grow it in fully..

Just, no.

I really hate when people post links of their profile pictures on Facebook

And then they tell you to comment/like the picture and not the link.

Like, how low is your self-esteem that you need to advertise for attention and have people’s praise of you all in one place where everyone can see it..

I don’t mean to put down people with low self-esteem, but it’s just that the people who usually do this are.. unpleasant whores.

But then again, I suppose they’re unpleasant whore because they have low self-esteem.

All of you people who keep bitching abt people “pretending to give a shit because Amy Winehouse died” need to stfu.

And everyone else who reacts that way whenever a celebrity dies.

Because, first of all, how they FUCK do you know if they actually care or not? And regardless of that, what do you want from them? Should only die hard fans, the creepy people with shrines, be allowed to say RIP? Who are you to judge?

But the real reason you all need to hop off and get a life is that you’re disrespecting the person who died. In essence, what these people are doing is paying their last respects. And what are you guys doing? Shitting all over them.

I’m sorry that someone’s death is cluttering your newsfeeds and dashboards. We should consider you fucking little internet trolls when we try and show respect for someone’s passing.

Okay so I need to go on a little rant about Britney Spears

First off, I will admit I do like some of her songs. Me Against The Music and Toxic are old favorites, and I do quite like Till The World Ends.

Never the less, I have some huge problems with her as an artist and a performer. In fact, I don’t think she should be considered one at all.

Number one, she barely writes any of her music. The few songs she has written were co-writes. In fact, Kesha wrote Till The World Ends.

Number two, I’m not even aware if she has any talent for singing. Like, what would her voice sound like with out the auto-tunes? I’m surprised she hasn’t used that as a lame excuse for all her lip-synching, which brings me to number three.

HOW CAN YOU LIP-SYNCH SO MUCH? Like, it is disgraceful. Even though it is clearly not true, being a world wide music artist should be humbling - to have so many people around the world love you. And you can’t even fucking even sing for them when they come to your show? Which brings me to my penultimate two points.

I’ve been reading that in most of her shows, she has no choreography. She has hairography. Meaning, she mostly walks across the stage, flips her hair, walks back, and flips again. Or more specifically, in a clip from one of her recent shows I watched, stands in a cage (a cage only with enough room to stand), bends her knees about two or three inches, unbends, and flips hair. Wowowowowowow that must be worth the THREE HUNDRED AND FUCKING SEVENTY SOMETHING DOLLARS SHE WANTED TO CHARGE FOR HER FEMME FATALE TOUR TICKETS.

Really? $370 dollars for lip-synching and hair flipping? Boy, I should go into show biz. You know, I’ve heard the rebuttal that when you go to a Britney show you expect the lip-synching and all that, and if you’re willing to pay for that, that’s fine. But isn’t it a little sad?

Okay, going back to the being humbled thing, there’s one last thing I wanna add. My friend’s brother works as a personal attendant in Vegas, and he was “lucky” enough to work for her while she was staying there. Now, I don’t remember when this was, so maybe it was during that period of time Brit lost her mind (although I do think it was before that), but she was a total cunt to him. I don’t remember exactly what my friend told me, besides that fact, that fact she walked around naked with him in the room, and the fact she left him no tip. Maybe the nude sneak peak was her form of tip?

So, yeah. When I said she should be considered a performer, maybe I should have said she doesn’t deserve to be one. I mean, what makes her special really? One thing. Lucky. Lucky enough to have been on The New Mickey Mouse Club.

Okay so I hope this doesn’t bring all the trolls to my tumblr but..

Was I the only one who was a lil underwhelmed by Harry Potter?

Like the movie wasn’t bad at all, but I didn’t really find anything particularly.. exciting.

They didn’t even play the theme song in the beginning :’[

Anyone else agree?

I cannot express to you enough how much it annoys me when people say Sebastian from The Little Mermaid was a lobster.

Am I the only one who thinks Imogen Heap and Florence Welch have near identical voices?

I really don’t understand how present day Alec Baldwin could be the husband from Beetle Juice

My mind is forever baffled

AND Wendy is voiced by the same person that does Alice from Wonderland

That I’m not surprised by, but I is still didn’t realize that before.

I suppose you can find symbolism in this too, like how Hook represents their father and the imagination dampener, Alice and Wendy both have the same voice because they are girls following their imagination.

Oh, Disney.

Oh wow. I’m finally rewatching Peter Pan

And it’s only been like five minutes, but this is the first time I’ve realized the guy who voices Captian Hook also does their father.

Am I like really slow or something? Haha, but real talk.. this is soo full of win and symbolic [:

Oh. And I <3 Nanna lmao :3

I was gunna leave some lyrics to istillfeelher Pt III and then go to sleep

And then I found out I’ve been singing two lines wrong this whole time.

My heart’s kinda broken.

I thought it was:

Do the words, “still love you,”

give you security?

But instead it’s:

Do the words still haunt you?

Can you secure its claim,

Like, I’mquite too distraught by this. I’m pretty sure I had already discovered this and forgotten about it. This is not kool Mr.Craig :/


niteynite, I promise to answer my inbox msgs during Sociology in the morning lol :3

So sometimes my mom’s boyfriend just sits in the kitchen on his laptop not doing anything else.

It annoys me a bit, why are you in the kitchen if you’re not even eating?

What if I wanna go to the fridge 126758765 times but not get anything? Or if I have the munchies and decide to take everything and anything that really shouldn’t be eaten together… I don’t wanna do that infront of him lol he would think I’m strange.

BUT! I’m brilliant and figured out that if I blast something like Chiodos or Asking Alexandria from my room, he is 100% sure to vacate.

WIN :3

Played 280 times

So when The Ballad of Mona Lisa came out, I didn’t make a post about it even though I was ecstatic to see that Panic was going back to their old sound.

However, Ready To Go threw me off a bit. After Pretty Odd, I have been kinda pessimistic about them. Pretty Odd was fine for what it was, I suppose, but that Indie crap wasn’t the Panic I knew.

Listening to Vices & Virtues, I initially was carrying that pessimism with me. I think it’s quite too much of a sunny sound. I miss the darkness of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. I miss it a lot. That album is everything to me, and Panic has moved far from it.

But I didn’t give up on Vices. It’s starting to grow on me. Brendon’s writing isn’t half bad. It’s kinda… simplistic, tho. But, with half the band missing, they did a pretty good job.

Whatever, I’m happy they’re hitting closer to home on this one. This song is my favorite off of, Hurricane. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out will always be my all time favorite album, and nothing anybody does can ever come close to getting on its level.

I led the revolution in my bedroom and I set all the zippers free.
We said no more war, no more clothes!
Give me peace.
Oh kiss me!

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