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Anonymous said: Just to let you know... Lucy Lawless isn't an Aussie. She's a Kiwi. She's from New Zealand.

You’re right! I was just too overcome with excitement to recall that correctly :p

eljotodelafoto said: Omg the Nigel Thornberry gifs... I'm dying! I want to thank you for reblogging them!

Hehehe no problemo! I loves the Thornberry gifs.

I used to be annoyed buy Nigel’s unexplained omnipresence, but I’ve learned to get widdit :3

turquoisehairedhippie said: Bawwww that anon is cute. P.s. In a separate message I'm going to give you my new tumblr. You should follow that shit.

Lmao, some peeps are creepers. And yayy ty, I wouldn’t wanna lose yer posts :3

Anonymous said: Have you ever posted nudes on here?

cotityler-deactivated20140807 said: the post of the kid with the plungers made me nearly spit out my beer.

Please, never waste beer. Apologies good ser,

my-tenerife-sea said: Yes yes! Been preparing for my exams, so my level of cool has been low lately... Oh well, you on my dash make up for it<3

Ahhh I’ve been swamped wit course work too. I’ve been pretty bad keeping up my tumblin’.. I mostly do it while bored in class >.<

When yer done wit skool, I hope to see ya posting more too !


my-tenerife-sea said: You are so effing cool!

Look who’s talking !!

It’s been too long, ma cherie

leedukes said: I wuve you.

D’awwhhhh d’awwhhh da’awwwhhhhh

You a kewl broskii<3


jayneenkomodo said: nvm i hate you


jayneenkomodo said: madly in love with ya.

That’s what they all say, before they break my heart :’[

notonmykneestopray-deactivated2 said: Your blog is making me repeatedly hit reblog today. Just thought you should know.

I mees you<3 How’s NY treatin ya buddy?

mandersssssss said: I want to reblog everything you post lol...p.s. can't wait to hang out sooooon!


And when we both get back from vacationing, it MUST happen. Or I’ll cry. For days D:

schentendo said: What kind of people are you most attracted to, physically?

Oh boy. I have a terrible imagination, and I generally just like someone when I see them. But here goes anyways..

I like guys and girl, but prefer guys cause I’m quite timid with girls.

My favorite guys are blonds with blue eyes. Original, I know lol. Tall guys are always good, and short ones are adorable. Facial hair can be a plus if they have that chiseled jaw. I suppose since I like the blonds, I prefer white guys. Oh, and obv I like a nite tite fit body. I think “gorillas” are gross.

For girls, I like em exotic. Dark skin. Don’t care about hair color. Curvy is good, but stick figure skinny is disgusting. Again, short girls are adorabible, but if they’re taller than me, forget abt it.

Scenies are a HUGE plus. Hipsters too - omg guys wit hipster glasses<333 I like tats and piercings, but don’t go crazy cause of em.. Oh, and a British accent will make me insta-jizz.

Post Script

Guys that look like me (style and ethnicity) are also a huge turn on. I would just love to get with myself if I could, I suppose x3

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