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homies help homies :3

homies help homies :3

Help! Does anyone know how to clean vans?

Idkkk, I loves these shoes but they’re gettin dirty mad fast and I have noo idea how I’m supposed to get em clean.. they’re like a fabric.

Someone suggested maybe throwin em in the washing machine but uhm idk, is that good for the washing machine? lol or the soles of the shoes?

Please lemme know if you have any ideas<3

Is Caprica really canceled?

NO IS THIS TRUE? Cause like, I distinctly remember at the end of the final episode they had a “on season 2 of Caprica” thing going on.


I love Alessandra Torresani and how she looks like Zooey Deschanel ):

Is your mass editor letting you add tags?

Mine’s not D:

I wanna tag my first posts wtf this is impossible

How do you get your gifs to be visible in the dashboard without having to click on them?

Wahh, please help a brotha out! D:

I’ve been trying so hard to figure it out like

but you can’t even tell so I’m like

Things I like